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   these are pretty interesting detailed emails. these were not just things, these are ones we can get. what did she delete. >> do you deny there has been a shift in tone from hillary clinton's camp? i mean obviously yesterday the, we continued to hear sound of her responding to ed henry's question, wipe the server clean with, a cloth? the sarcasm. >> the tone is horrible. the tone has been horrible and handling of this i think has been horrible. i'm not minimizing the handling of this or her tone which i thought was inappropriate. what i am saying though is, time after time, she's teflon. so is bill clinton. people heap their own stuff at them. they keep winning. >> ever wipe that server. because we learned that she went on this, she went rogue. didn't get permission from the administration and destroyed the blackberries they're in big trouble. >> any day you're on defensive in the presidential campaign is a bad day. she has been on the defensive a lot. >> she is off message.
   42-39. that is pretty good. let's also look at another one. he also beats rubio in ohio. do we have that one. there it is. 42-41. and trump. take a look at that. harris, what do you think? >> that is the biggest spread right there. but as you look back, up or down on that there are virtual ties. he has gone from, is joe biden going to run, boy, wouldn't it be interesting if joe biden ran for the democrats? i would say this, the advisors, all people had access and emails will start to become programmatic for hillary clinton. i did kind after deeper dive on this i remember this message that went back and forth the night of the benghazi attack. i looked it up this morning. hillary clinton sent a message to three senior state department officials. do you remember what it said? cheryl, cheryl mills advisor to her 2008 presidential campaign, cheryl told me libyans confirmed the death, meaning of christopher stephens of our ambassador in benghazi. should we announce tonight to wait until morning? these are pretty interesting
   do you think they're panicking within their camp. >> i don't think she is doomed. i can't tell you what is going on in her camp but i don't think she is doomed for following reasons. if the clintons were doomed in '92 with cattle foot tourings, white water. >> this is the biggest scandal. >> no it is not. >> she have you beening for commander-in-chief. different than being first lady in arkansas. >> no. this running for president first time and running again in '96 with monica, scandal after scandal with the clintons. i understand why people are fed up. say clintons are batting a thousand in beating these scandals. they just are. the clintons teflon. >> i wouldn't argue she is beating. i think it is getting worse and biggest scandaling she personally has ever faced because of the office that she is seeking. >> you're certainly right on one point, that spotlight such hotter in the position she is in and microscope is much bigger than it was in the past. while she was able to escape and bill able to escape things like
   no way that there was any classified information in her e-mail that she would have received or sent out. i mean, now they have to be asking the same questions that many voters have been asking. can we trust her? >> julie, you have taken some heat for passing this as one of her own making. >> oh, yes, i have. [laughter] do other democrats seem to agree with you? >> they do. i believe there was an article in the huffington post where you have ed rendell and others saying exactly what i said. look, i think the problem is she's been in this bunker, and taking a two week vacation makes no sense to me -- >> in the hamptons! >> in the hamptons, what i would have done, what i would have done if i were in her shoes is try to change the subject. go and campaign and talk about whatever the issues you want to talk about, income inequality, global climate change, whatever you want to talk about that's going to engender your base to get excited about you. take questions from the press and go out there and campaign. [inaudible conversations]
   >> so countries like this one, right, andrea? >> i've lived in france, i've live inside paris. the same problems that they have over there are major debates over here. so in france be gun control, very strict laws. also this is the result of lax immigration policy. what's the debate back here at home? gun control, immigration policy. the same thing. my question is, what happens when there are not americans there to take down these terrorists? the same thing happened in texas, in garland, texas, it was citizens in texas who took down what could have been two men who took out 300 people they could have potentially taken down with their machine guns. we -- this points to a huge lapse in security. what do we do when they're not there to save them? >> people have to get involved in this. >> no, absolutely, and i want you to see what congressman peter king of new york says about that. watch. >> the main thing i would say in situations like this will be on-the-ground intelligence, people in the community, getting informants, getting people who are willing to, basically, report on what's happening in
   report on what's happening in the community. that's the only way you're going to be able to stop this. the odds are against stopping someone. if you have millions of people getting on a train in the course of a morning in new york, there's no way you're going to be able to go through a thousand, you know, a million bags, search a million people. >> you know, this does require, julie, a little bit of personal profiling. >> sure. >> we're going to be proto filing as individuals -- profiling as individuals. are we too p.c. a culture to get that done? >> i don't know about that. think about all the weird people on the new york city subway, they're weird. you don't think that -- >> yeah, but weird people aren't necessarily terrorists. >> that's exactly my point. at which point do you think somebody looks suspicious because they happen to be weird versus they happen to be -- >> radical muslims come in all colors -- >> you're making my point for me. >> let's profile the people doing this. >> we can't stop the -- >> correct. >> i mean, we have to go higher up the chain. one thing we should be doing more effectively is attacking
   don't think it's smart for the clinton campaign to go in this direction. and i also think republicans need to hit on what david said. at best, harris, both of these issues are an issue of incompetence, profound incompetence, which is not something good for a potential -- >> all right, so how do we know that she may cede what you just said? she had two weeks planned in the hamptons, and she canceled it to get on the campaign trail. where is she going? ohio, a very important primary state. they all are, but ohio's very important particularly for democrats. you win that, you typically win it all. the fact that she's going to ohio on wednesday rather than staying all the way through labor day weekend speak toss the issue of where she thinks she might be. in trouble? i don't know, is that too big of a word? let's just try concerned. but in the meantime, you have this issue of exactly where his sponsors and other democratic lawmakers must be headed. they see all of this. they also remember just a few months ago, i don't know, maybe march, when she said there was no way that there was any
   who threaten america. in iraq and syria, american leadership - including our military power - is stopping isil's advance.
   at this moment - with a growing economy, shrinking deficits, bustling industry, and booming
   >> to be clear, you are standing on a republican primary. >> i fully understand. >> the place where they are going to give them the nod. >> i fully understand. >> and they say an independent run would almost certainly hand the race over at democrat and likely another clinton. you cannot say tonight you can make that pledge. >> i cannot say i can make that
   mr. trump, to be clear, you're standing on a republican primary stage. >> i fully understand. >> the place where the rnc will give the nominee the nod. >> i fully understand. >> and that experts say an independent run would almost certainly hand the race over the democrats and likely another clinton. you can't say tonight that you can make that pledge? >> i cannot say.
   >> can we count on them? >> no, he is going to make a move toward us and continue to work against what he continues to believe is a threat to him and the kurdish organization identified by him and us as such. but he is trying support ourj t objective with isis. >> will you ever be able to get turkey to work with pkk? does turkey see the pkk the way we see al-qaeda? >> turkey looks it at much the same. the kurdish people are about 18% of the population in turkey and 15% of the population in iraq and 9% iran and 3% in syria. they are the largest ethnic group of people without a country. this is about 30 million people.
   this is about 30 million people. they have been pushing back on the turkey regime and seeing it as a terrorist organization. you can understand from the turkish government why that is the case. our focus is isis and we'll not get there until we get assad out of power. >> so isis and assad at the same time? >> the main effort is syria. the reason why cyst exist as an organization -- isis -- and it is expanding is because of the bases in syria. and people say there is no military solution but there is an obvious one. they own millitaries -- military and military exist to take the place. >> who takes assad's position?
   syrian army, and then they built a sanctuary base and organization as a result. recruited, trained and built internet and social media capability and their logistics and now we see a terrorist army invading another country, iraq, taking one third which they still hold, 40-50 percent of sanctuary and from that base they have expanded into seven other countries, so-called affiliates, and now have a world wide following. >> is there a tipping point like a particular country? turkey had the suicide bombings and we have a deal to land on their base putting six there right away and ramping up to 30. what country makes a difference? >> turkey has the best military in the area and second best in nato. >> can we count on them?
   that isis is holding dozens of christians in a central syrian province. the warning provided said the terrorist group could be working toward mass casualty attacks. are we dreaming thinking the president is going to do anything more aggressive before the end of his term? >> we are dreaming. nothing is going to be done unless something catastrophic happens from isis in the united states. as time goes by, sadly, you come to the realization how fundamentally flawed their strategy is. isis developed in iraq as we know as a terrorist organization, took advantage of the situation in syria, because we refused to help the free syrian army, and then they built
   its goal is to conquer the south , to defeat american power, and to extend the asiatic dominion of communism. and there are great stakes in the balance. most of the non-communist nations of asia cannot, by themselves and alone, resist the growing might and the grasping ambition of asian communism. our power, therefore, is a very vital shield. if we are driven from the field in vietnam, then no nation can ever again have the same confidence in american promise or in american protection. in each land, the forces of
   >>> this week on "the journal >>> this week on "the journal editorial report," obama care marches on, despite an apology for the rollout debacle and growing outrage over millions of dropped policies. president obama says it's full steam ahead for the controversial law. plus, new nsa leaks pit the spy agency against the administration. did the white house okay the surveillance of our allies? all that and our election preview from new jersey to virginia to colorado. a look at what's on the ballot this tuesday. >>> i'm as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch
   i love logistics. >> today, by the way, was day 10 of the government shutdown. at what point do we politely ask canada to govern us? i'm not sure. >>steve: let's hope they're a little closer today. we're going to tell you the results of a study by the esteemed organization patty power bingo that shows that while women love their husbands and their significant others, it looks as if four in ten women would rather hang out with other women, their girlfriend, than their guy. >>brian: for more on this let's go to our girl elisabeth hasselbeck. elisabeth, is it true that you're one of the four women that would rather hang out with other women than your husband? >>elisabeth: let me preface my response with this. i believe nine out of ten men are probably excited
   banks like bear stearns, this happened before they were purchased, purchased by jpmorgan and it was, done at the behest, they did a favor for federal government here. one other thing, let's not forget. a lot of this was due to these toxic mortgages. guess who was enticing these banks to buy these toxic mortgages and make these loans in the first place? it was fannie mae and freddie mac. they should be on trial here. >> make a couple good points we should drill down on. for example, who is getting money this is question we've been asking. 7 billion is going into treasury. maybe 4 billion is going into housing programs of different types. susan, what do you think, who is getting money? where does it go. >> 4 billion is going to consumer relief, talking about mortgage prince pill reductions. every penny goes into the general treasury fund. the money can not be used by anybody unless appropriated by congress. this is not some conspiracy all the sudden the justice department is getting more money
   we're not going to advance a conservative free enterprise agenda in washington without the kind of grassroots of the tea party movement. this divide right now could be crippling for the party that the big beneficiaries of it could be barack obama and the democrats. >> particularly if you get third party candidates who split the conservative right leaning vote. then that would help perhaps the democrats take back capitol hill. so, kim, how bad do you think this divide is? can you put it back together? >> it's awfully hard because part of the problem here, look, this shouldn't be such a big deal, in that ideologically, there isn't necessarily a huge split out there. there isn't a single conservative who don't all despise obama care. one of the things that happened as a result of this is guys like ted cruz, they took what was, in fact, a strategic divide in the party, and they suggested it was an ideological divide.
   the cleveland public library across the street. somewhere there we'll find a balance tonight. without further ado, let's begin. gentlemen, we know how much you love hand raising questions. so we promise this is the only one tonight, the only one. is there anyone on stage, and can i see hands who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person? again, we're looking for you to raise your hand now, raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight.
   budget. we went from $1 billion of reserves to $9 billion of reserves. we're one of two states that went to aaa bond rating. they call me veto corleone. i'm my old man. i govern as a conservative and i govern effectively. and the net effect was during my eight years, 1.3 million jobs
   republican maybe he supports clinton or maybe he runs as an independent. >> okay. >> but i would say that he is already hedging his bets because he used to buying politicians. >> well i've given you plenty of money. just to be clear. we're going to move on. you're not going to make the pledge? >>ly not make the pledge at this time.
   if i'm the nominee. i pledge i will not run as an independent. and i am discussing it with everybody. but i'm talking about a lot of leverage. we want to win, and we will win. but i want to win as the republican. i want to run as the republican nominee. >> so tonight you can't say if another one of these -- >> what's wrong? this is what is wrong.
   elect as president, and how will you answer the charge when hillary clinton, who is likely to be the democratic nominee, that you are part of the war on women? >> i think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. [ cheering ] i've been challenged by so many people and i don't frankly have
   your twitter account -- >> thank you. >> for the record it was well beyond rosie o'donnell. >> yes i'm sure it was. >> your twitter account has several disparaging comments about women's looks. you once told a contestant on "celebrity apprentice" it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. does that sound you like the
   your twitter account -- >> thank you. >> for the record it was well beyond rosie o'donnell. >> yes i'm sure it was. >> your twitter account has several disparaging comments about women's looks. you once told a contestant on "celebrity apprentice" it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. does that sound you like the